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Community Information

Rockford & Greenfield Communities - The cities of Rockford and Greenfield share more than just a ZIP code.  Straddling the Crow River, the two cities share the natural beauty of a rural community with the convenience of being a short drive away from the Minneapolis area.  Our local businesses and service providers exemplify the Midwestern work ethic and the small-town customer focus.

City of Rockford - (763) 477-6565
6031 Main Street
Rockford, MN  55373
City Population:  4,051

City of Greenfield – (763) 477-6464
7738 Commerce Circle
Greenfield, MN  55373
City Population: 3,110

ROCKFORD AREA SCHOOLS – (763) 477-9165

6051 Ash Street Rockford, MN  55373

Rockford Public Library - (763) 477-4216
8220 Cedar St. 
Rockford, MN 55373

Introducing the Rockford-Greenfield Community Calendar


Here’s a spot for events in the community to be found in one spot. Annual events, special events, etc. Check it out by clicking HERE.


After approval, events will be entered the first and the third Monday of every month. If you have something to add to the calendar, please include:

  1. Title

  2. Description

  3. Location (optional)

  4. Date

  5. Time

  6. Duration


Any questions or comments email


Rockford-Greenfield Community Calendar

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